Coming home from work he meets a stray dog, he sees what she is hiding and knows he must act quickly

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In Morbihan, Richard, a young man of 31, saved the life of a bitch … and her future cubs. 

Richard had crossed paths with a stray dog ​​in the evening on his way home from work for several months. He had tried to approach her several times, but she was very apprehensive. 

Winter is coming and the poor bitch has no home 

In November of last year, Richard was worried about the dog because the temperatures had really dropped. This is when he spots the bitch’s round belly and he understands that he must act quickly. He then decides to bring her some kibble and a blanket. 

The young man makes several attempts to gain the bitch’s trust, but she still cannot be approached. Finally, one day she ends up joining Richard on the cover. The young man could only give her a furtive caress, but it was already a great victory! 

He ends up winning her trust 

After several weeks, she even ended up following him home. She then met Ermès the Chihuahua of Richard and Gloria her cat. 

The young man conducted research to find out the history of the bitch he renamed Stella. She is known to the SPA in Lorient as having lived in the street for years. 

It took a long time for Stella to adjust to her foster home. She often hides under the living room table because she feels safe there. 

Richard plans to sterilize the bitch after she gives birth, and for that he has opened an online pot to pay for the costs of sterilization and identification. Thanks to this pot, he collected € 600 out of the € 450 initially requested. The young man pledged to regularly update Stella to everyone who donated.

The young man does not yet know if he will keep Stella with him, but if that was not possible he would take her to the SPA so that she finds a loving home for life!