Capturing her seemed impossible, but watch what she does when she sees her friend!

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Watch what she does when she sees her friend

When volunteers from Hope For Paws , an animal rescue organization, received a call about two dogs abandoned in a truck depot, they prepared a very complicated response .

A woman who worked in the factory next door was feeding them, but when she found out she had to move, she contacted the rescue association to see if they could help the dogs. But as you can see here, taking care of two dogs at the same time is easier said than done … As was to be expected, moreover, the two dogs did not intend to be captured, mainly separately. Being brave is easier if you have someone you trust by your side … It is only when they understand that no one intends to hurt them that they let themselves be gently stroked.t before being taken to a safer place but in two separate cars. Arrived at the vet, as soon as Lois saw Clark come in, she started wagging her tail. It was very clear that these two loved each other very much – and that the best thing to do would be to keep them together . We hope they will soon be adopted by a loving family!