Called in to save a child, the DOG follows an unexplored trail and surprises everyone

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A sniffer dog has found the trace of a child missing for several hours in Aveyron. 

Thursday, April 29, turned into a nightmare for the parents of a two-and-a-half-year-old boy. While playing at their home, they suddenly found that the boy was missing without a trace.

They call the gendarmes in panic 

The parents immediately reported the disappearance of their child to the gendarmes. 

A neighbor found the toddler’s balance bike a kilometer from the parents’ house, suggesting that the little one was very far from his home. 

15 gendarmes, a thermal vision helicopter, a drone, a criminal identification cell, two green motorcycles were mobilized in the field. The cynophile brigade (brigade of trained dogs) of Montauban was also called in to assist in the search. 

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