Bought on Le Bon Coin, a Beagle puppy was beaten to death: the reason is vile and chilling

Immediate sanction

Immediately taken into custody, the young man will be tried in court for acts of cruelty and serious mistreatment of a pet resulting in death. As for the neighbors, they explained that the puppy had been going through hell since his purchase on Le Bon Coin: he spent most of his time on the balcony, alone. A recording of the dog’s agony was also given to the police.

Several associations have decided to take civil action in this dark affair which is reviving the controversy around online animal purchases.

Laura Smet reacts to the drama

On her Instagram account, Johnny Hallyday’s daughter spoke about this sad affair, indicating all her anger and indignation.

“I’m volunteering. I have the chains, the tools, the chainsaw … My land is very large. Nobody will hear the guy yell, ”indicates the young mother, very committed to the animal cause .

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