Annoyed by the barking of a dog, a school principal orders that we get rid of it: the rest is a nightmare

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A terrible story.

Like children, dogs sometimes make noise. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a problem…

A noisy DOG

Lily is a little stray dog ​​who lives in Cape Town. Realizing that she could find some love and food, the little dog wandered most of the time near a school. But his daily calls for help were not understood by the director of the establishment who could no longer bear to hear him bark .

Rather than asking an association to come and take care of the doggie, the director therefore asked two janitors of the establishment to get rid of the dog by all means .

A horrible decision

And it was the unthinkable that happened. The janitors made the worst decision. They dug a hole in the ground and placed Lily there, still alive .

But under the dust and the earth, Lily was still able to cry and be heard. It was finally the staff of the school canteen who decided that it was unthinkable to impose this on a living being. They therefore contacted a veterinary practice so that they come to look for the little dog and save her life .

With the help of IFAW, the veterinary clinic took care of the little dog who also suffered from a problem with the spine, dating from her childhood. In addition to the treatments, the IFAW Facebook page set up an operation to support Lily by sending small messages which were then sewn onto a blanket.

Finally, Lily was later adopted by a wonderful woman.

Significant awareness

Even though Lily’s story is terrible, it has raised awareness in South Africa about animal abuse. As for the school principal, he had the opportunity to avoid prison by setting up an awareness program in his school, which he refused. He was therefore incarcerated .

Lily, the warrior dog that was buried alive 1.5m under the ground for over 20 minutes and rescued by Mdzananda Animal…

Posted by Mdzananda Animal Clinic on Thursday, October 17, 2013