Abandoned doghouse in the middle of the road: what’s hidden inside makes you sweat cold (video)

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The dog remained locked in this kennel for 3 days. 

Ghetto Rescue FFoundation received an emergency call about a doghouse in the middle of a road in Los Angeles. Muffled noises came from inside. 

The entrance to the niche was nailed down 

The niche was completely closed: only 2 or 3 holes allowed air to pass. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they found it hard to believe there was anything inside. And yet … 

Rescuers found a German Shepherd crossbreed dog andChow Chow au fond de la niche. Son corps était contorsionné pour rentrer dans la petite niche et sa tête pendait de douleur et de honte. Il portait sur lui des signes de violence physique.

The dog was terrified by the men who came to save him

Rescuers had to call animal control to help them get the traumatized dog out of the kennel. There were old and newer wounds on the dog’s body. A priori , the poor doggie had not drunk water or eaten for about 3 days.  

Rescuers quickly took him to the vet to be taken care of. 

He quickly regained his physical form, but his traumas remained. Rescuers named him Walter Worthy Higgins and vowed to help him forget the ordeal he had endured. 

It took two years of support and rehabilitation for Walter to overcome his traumas. 

His caregivers gave him a lot of love and compassion. They found him a lifelong family who welcomed him with open arms and understood the suffering he had endured in the past.