A stray dog ​​is dropped off at the vet: all of a sudden, it starts to swell and everyone is in shock

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No one expected this stray dog’s condition to become so critical within minutes. Fortunately, everything was quickly under control.

Fergus is a small stray dog ​​who was found in the middle of the street, without anyone knowing anything about him. He was quickly taken care of by Dr Karri, who works for Vet Ranch, an association that takes care of stray animals to provide them with the necessary veterinary care.

But soon after arriving, Fergus began to worryingly swelling.

A dog that swells and worries

Quickly, Dr. Karri imagines that Fergus has been bitten by a snake and decides to act in this direction in order to avoid more serious problems, and to save his life. Fergus is therefore put on medication and, little by little, the situation returns to order and the dog slowly “deflates”.

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