a man detained after having burned his dog to the 3rd degree

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The Iboo puppy was found dying in the 5th arrondissement of Marseille, burned and his eye gouged out. At the end of an investigation, his master was arrested and imprisoned until his trial.

It was first a neighbor who sounded the alarm. On February 19, the SPA Marseille Provence was contacted for the howls of a puppy. The neighbor formally identifies the origin of the calls and gives the identity of the man who beats his dog when he comes home in the evening. 

When the SPA and the police go there, the owner is with the puppy inside the house, but does not go out for hours. It is then not possible to force the opening, the prosecution then considering that there are not enough elements. 

The next day, Iboo, 3 months old, is found by passers-by in the 5th arrondissement  “thrown into a trash container that does not open” , explains Xavier Bonnard, president of SPA Marseille Provence.

The puppy is in critical condition. He is over 80% burnt in the 3rd degree and has a punctured eye.

Iboo is finally removed from the trash, taken to the impound, then taken care of by the SPA which files a complaint. An investigation is then opened to find the master of the dog.

The master arrested

Two days later, the man is arrested but refuses to give his identity, reports Xavier Bonnard. The man would then have made believe that he was mad before managing to flee during the psychological examination. 

The police of the 4th arrondissement finally managed to find his trace in a squat in the city, despite his change of appearance. “He shaved his head” , testifies Xavier Bonnard. 

The individual is arrested and placed in police custody before going to an immediate appearance. The SPA, which has brought a civil action, falls from the clouds at the statement of its criminal record:  “Rape in meetings, thefts, scams, misappropriation of identity …” , list Xavier Bonnard.

The judge follows the requisition of the prosecution and places the man in pre-trial detention until his trial, on April 8.

“We are very happy, it is a victory to see that the Marseille prosecutor’s office does not laugh with the animal cause” , testifies the president of SPA Marseille Provence.

The SPA launches an online kitty to treat Iboo

A leetchi kitty was opened by SPA Marseille Provence to be able to treat the puppy. “If the amount of the pot is exceeded, it will be used to treat other dogs, because unfortunately, these situations are recurrent” .

On Thursday, Iboo was enucleated (eye removal). “The operation went well ,  SPA said on Facebook.