A hungry dog ​​is left for dead in a parking lot, 1 month after his rescuers struggle to recognize him (video)

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The big day has finally arrived for Ethan! 

Last January, a family came to the aid of an abandoned dog in the parking lot of the Kentucky Humane Society shelter. 

Reassuring news 

Without the Henderson family, Ethan would probably be gone. The family visited the shelter in late January to donate toys. After making their donations, they thought they saw a dead dog in the parking lot, lying in a white towel. 

They stopped their car and ran to see him. Without hesitation, they called the shelter and waited outside until the shelter team arrived to take him to the vet. 

Last Saturday, the Kentucky Humane Society shelter shared an encouraging Facebook post about Ethan’s state of health: 

“Ethan officially weighs 36 kilograms today, which means he’s finally reached his ideal healthy weight. He gained 19 pounds last month, knowing he weighed 17 pounds when he was found. Thank you all for your support and for continuing to monitor its progress! ” 

The shelter also posted a video of Ethan happily rolling around on a bed. The doggie looks totally relaxed and above all, sated after his delicious breakfast! 

A moment full of emotions 

The Henderson family had been following the news on the shelter’s Facebook page closely and they were relieved to learn that the dog was still alive the day after their discovery. 

A few days ago, Tatum’s (the Hendersons’ oldest son) grandmother called to ask if her grandson could visit Ethan on his birthday. The refuge gladly accepted. 

The reunion was full of emotions. Ethan gave Tatum a Team Ethan T-shirt to thank him for giving him a second chance at life.