A grandma wants to adopt a dog: she is refused because of her age but she has a shocking surprise

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This video is very moving! 

Andrea Hijar’s grandmother is 76 years old. She is a lover of dogs and has had the pleasure of raising several in her life. 

She wishes to adopt with all her heart 

Sadly, when she decided to reopen her heart and home to a new four-legged friend, shelters refused to let her adopt, stating that she was too old to adopt an animal. 

After learning that her grandmother wanted to adopt a dog, Andrea offered to help her. She contacted several associations near her grandparents’ home in Peru, but once again, all shelters refused due to the age of her grandparents. 

This made Andrea very sad. His grandparents are a very loving couple and would have brought a lot of joy and love to the life of a dog. 

Her grandmother was extremely sad, but she tried to come to terms with the fact that she would probably have no more dogs in her life. 

Meanwhile, Andrea continued to search

One day Andrea came across a message from a man who was looking for a loving home for his puppy. She contacted him, hoping that he would see his grandmother’s age differently from others. 

To his delight, he agreed to give them the puppy, knowing that his grandparents were going to take care of him and love him very much. 

Andrea’s father went with the grandfather to look for the puppy, a small female. They called her Princesa.

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