A family is devastated after the disappearance of their dog: the police call them with a strange information

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Tiny is an adorable 10 year old  Chihuahua dog.

She lives in Bartow, Florida with her family. But last September, she suddenly disappeared while standing in the backyard of their home. 

The whole family is devastated

Tiny’s mistress thought the dog had been stolen, because according to her, it is impossible that she ran away on her own. Tiny has been living with her family for 10 years and has never run away before. 

Months passed and despite the family’s efforts to locate Tiny, the little dog was nowhere to be found.

In late December, a Clearwater Police Department officer came across a small dog in Clearwater Beach, more than 110 miles from Bartow.

According to him, the dog seemed to be fine at the time. After checking to see if the owner was in the area, he took the dog to Pinellas County Animal Services.

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