A dog arrives at the police station: the agents are shocked when the truth comes out!

Someone from his home was indeed missing, but it was not expected that it would be the family dog ​​who came to give the alert, and even less in view of the circumstances …

Dogs will never cease to surprise us, the story below is yet another proof. And for several reasons, each more improbable than the other.

At dawn last week, someone opened the door to the Odessa , Texas police department . It is a dog. The latter, with a friendly temper, stood up on its hind legs in order to reach the height of the counter. Its purpose: to notify police officers that a disappearance had occurred. However, the missing person in question was the dog himself!

Among the officers present that day, Sergeant Rusty Martin. And what struck him was that the animal did not seem too upset by its status as a “lost dog”. He even seemed to be having a good time. A mutual feeling as the sergeant relates to The Dodo : “We were all delighted to have him in the building”. The police even had fun throwing a tennis ball at him for a while to entertain him. “Everyone liked it,” he said next.

The police department has not forgotten to learn more about this funny “disappeared”. Problem, if the dog wore a collar, his identification tag had apparently fallen off. The animal control service was therefore called to the station to come and check its chip.

So early in the day, so early home

But then, surprise, before they even arrived, the brave doggie seeming to have disappeared long enough for his taste left the place … and he simply went home! All alone, like a grown up.

Sergeant Rusty Martin who posted this unusual disappearance, probably the shortest in history, on Facebook , was told the next day by the owner of the dog that the latter, named Chico, had indeed returned home , 1.6 km from the police station.